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about the sacred nest

it all started with a vision, which planted a seed, and as a seed grows, so did "the sacred nest".

Our mission is to offer a safe community and hold space for individuals to explore wellness options for themselves and / or their families. To provide products for those looking for a more holistic approach toward their specific health goals. As well as aiding mothers (and partners) through their labor & birth experience with the support and guidance of certified birth doula services.

meet the sacred nest founder

Amy Mitchelson

As a child I helped tend the vegetable and flower gardens of my grandmother, climbed trees, camped in forests, tromped along hiking trails of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains in the Pacific Northwest, and nurtured my love of all things called nature.

My passion for holistic and natural approaches to healing and wellness was in my "being" long before I knew it. After becoming a certified and registered yoga teacher, I knew I wanted to create something geared towards women and baby, but I wasn't sure what...yet. Having conquered thousands of hours of classes and certifications in clinical herbalism, botany, medicine making and certification as a birth doula, The Sacred Nest was born. A place of unity, compassion, healing, and most importantly a space that honors woman sisterhood.

We are passionate about purchasing our product from certified organic small businesses and are also members of the United Plant Savers Organization which is "a group of plant enthusiasts committed to raising public awareness of the plight of our wild medicinal plants and to protecting these plants through organic cultivation, sustainable agricultural practices, and the replanting of native medicinal species back into their natural habitats."

package or individual

services offered

Certified Birth Doula

Birth doulas are trained to provide educational information, emotional, and physical support through labor and birth. Contact us if you are interested in how we can support you.

Herbalist & herbal wellness

We provide individually formulated products designed for you and your family's specific health goals and needs. Ranging from salves, oils, tea blends, tinctures, herbal infused honeys, and more.

Prenatal/postpartum yoga instructor

We offer personal, one on one, yoga sessions throughout your pregnancy and postpartum to help get your body ready for labor and to aid in recovery.

Reiki practitioner

Reiki is an energy healing technique that can accelerate healing, promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, assists in detoxifying the body, and balances the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages.

contact for more information on services offered or to set an appointment for consultation.

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